Since 2001, Andrew has regularly toured schools and parishes around Australia, New Zealand and in more recent times, North America. His concerts and workshops are celebrations of faith and fun through singing, actions and a bit of comedy as well. Children are very much encouraged to be active participants, rather than spectators. Andrew’s workshops and concerts are easy to prepare and can be done purely on the day itself.

The usual full-day program is a series of workshops in the morning:

  • Junior school workshop (50 minutes)
  • Middle school workshop (45 minutes)
  • Senior school workshop (45 minutes)
  • Choir workshop (45 minutes)
  • Whole School concert (60-70 minutes)
  • Option for evening concerts- a surcharge applies
  • Other variations on this can be made, particularly in small schools (less than 140 children) where the workshops are reduced from 4 sessions to 3 sessions.

COST: The cost for each visit is based on an all-inclusive per child fee (about the cost of a well-known “feeling good emotionally” meal! – GST inclusive in Australia, no GST in NZ), depending on the program selected.

Short Program: A short program is also available where Andrew spends an hour with your choir then presents an hour long concert to your school. Minimum audience sizes apply for this as well as availability being dependent on two schools wanting the same format on the same day.

Special Events: Andrew is available for Holy Week Events and Christmas Concerts (Sydney, Wollongong, Parramatta, and Broken Bay Dioceses only, Brisbane- last two weeks of November). These events tend to book out 18 months in advance and preference is given to schools that Andrew has visited for his standard workshop concert days.

Andrew is also available for:

  • official openings/blessings of school facilities
  • author/composer visits for Book Week events
  • School songs- by invitation only

How Do I Book A Concert?

To book a concert check out available dates on the itinerary pages and then email Andrew with your details. Download an “Expression Of Interest Form” and return to Andrew.

Professional Development for Teachers,
Leaders of Religious Education and Principals

Andrew has hosted professional developments for educational leaders, religious education leaders in schools, classroom teachers and catechists across Australia and New Zealand. His content is suitable for primary school teachers and can be adapted to conferences, full days, half days, twilight sessions and staff meetings.

Andrew’s main presentations are:

This Day- Music and Daily Prayer for Children
This workshop provides classroom teachers with a range of strategies and songs to enhance students’ understanding of prayer and the many different ways of praying through song.

  • Activities include simple artwork, prayer and songwriting with children of all ages, liturgical movement, story telling, welcome and farewell rites, whole school celebrations, multimedia presentations, both creating and using.

Speak My Word Today- Bringing Scripture to Life through Song
This workshop provides classroom teachers with a range of strategies using music to enhance students’ understanding of, and involvement in, scripture.

  • Activities include frozen tableaux, dance, movement, ideas for Holy Week, teaching Gospel values through song.

Catholic Schools Doing It Well
A Virtual Tour of Catholic Primary Schools in Australia and New Zealand with a focus on Catholic Culture
Provides teachers and leaders with an opportunity to reflect on Catholic Culture in their own school through exposure to good practices in a wide range of schools. Topics include:

  • Starting the day in Catholic ways; models of gathering as a prayer community; student leadership in prayer; sacred places in schools; Ways of welcoming; Ways of farewelling; Mottos and logos as a means to defining and uniting communities; Celebrating Saints and our Charism; Staff morale issues

Together As One- Celebrating Liturgies with children
A Workshop for APREs, RECs, and DRSs, Teachers of Religion, and Catechists. Providing those who create and direct liturgies for children with an improved understanding of the place of music in the liturgy, based on the “Directory of Masses for Children”.
Topics include:

  • Breaking open the document “Directory for Masses with Children”
  • Considering the braid range of ways we invite children to participate in Mass
  • A Guide for Music for Eucharistic Liturgy
  • Prioritising music for Mass- what is the most and least important
  • Selecting music that is relevant, appropriate and engaging

God Made the World…God revealed through Creation

This workshop provides classroom teachers and catechists with a range of strategies and songs to enhance students’ understanding of God revealed through the gift of creation.

Topics include:

  • Aboriginal perspectives
  • Creation as a focus for meditative prayer
  • Prayer writing inspired by creation
  • Using multimedia to reflect on Creation
  • Each presentation can be adjusted to suit timeslots of 60-100 minutes.

Andrew’s Itinerary