Butterfly House Subscription/Intranet Licence – Schools 401 and over

The Butterfly House Subscription for schools allows teachers to access all resources of the Butterfly House.

  • To activate the subscription, visit www.butterflyhouse.online and visit pages. At some stage you will be prompted to create a login.
  • Once that is done a message seeking approval will be sent to the Butterfly House. Approval usually occurs within 24 hours.
  • The subscription/licence ends on December 31 each year and is subject to renewal.
  • Once purchased your subscription/licence will give details as to how to add additional staff members.
Intranet Licence
  • An Intranet Licence allows a school to load music to a server so all teachers can locate music on a central server. For copyright reasons there must be a licence to cover this arrangement. According to the Federal Piracy Act it is illegal to have music stored on a school server without the proper licence.
  • This licence includes all Butterfly Music Artists: Andrew Chinn, Drew Lane, Jane Mitchell, Tim Hart
  • Music can only be uploaded to a school server, drive or cloud if the original disc is owned by the school.
  • Existing licence holders will automatically receive a renewal.