What a thrill for our people to see your message yesterday for our Feast Day! I almost want home-based online learning to continue, so we get to see more of your beautiful part of the world and connect so authentically in communal prayer experiences. Thank you so much for all you have done to create such an extraordinary opportunity for prayer for our students each day this term. Your work is truly the work of the Holy Spirit.Hope to see you soon.

Kathy Fleming

APRE Our Lady Help of Christians, CAIRNS QLD AUSTRALIA, May 25 2020

I just wanted to say thanks so much for your morning prayer on YouTube-I only discovered them this week and have been putting one up online for our kids each morning to pray at home before their online day begins. I have received so much positive feedback about them so thanks and great job! We would love it if you could give us a shout out at St Mary’s in Bellingen – I’m sure the kids would love it! Thanks again for sharing your morning prayers with us. 

Carmel Dagger

REC, St Mary's, Bellingen, NSW AUSTRALIA, May 1, 2020

Thank you from over here in the West! We are loving your morning prayers and I am sending these each day to all of our children to start their day. Your prayers start the day lead into our religion lesson and set us up for our remote learning. It is difficult with some kids here and some kids at home but your prayers touch our hearts. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. All the year ones at Mel Maria

Roz Todd

Year 1 Teacher, Mel Maria School, Attadale, WA AUSTRALIA, May 1, 2020

I just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing in these strange times!! I also wanted to say thank you soooooo much for the Morning Prayer sessions on YouTube- they are incredible and I know that a lot of the teachers at St. Cuthbert’s are using them for our Learning@Home planning. Thanks so much again- you are truly a gift from God!

Katie Potter

REC, St Cuthbert's School, LINDISFARNE TAS AUSTRALIA, April 29, 2020

I was testing out YouTube videos this morning and the first one that popped up was your new Butterfly Music Show. God works in mysterious ways as I would not have been on YouTube except for an issue we were having. I am watching it now and have shared it with my teachers. The theme of Change is so appropriate for this time in Lent, as well as all that is going on with COVID-19. Thank you for sharing this and keeping us all connected.

Monica Hayden

Principal, St Irenaeus Parish School, CYPRESS CALIFORNIA USA, April 2, 2020

Wow, thank you, thank you for a fantastic afternoon! My Sarah has been so excited about the concert since yesterday’s session with Andrew Chinn. I was watching how much all the children, teachers, and adults were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I absolutely was entertained. Andrew is such a talented performer, humorous, and very engaging. Music is such a happy medium to bring people of all ages together. I smiled and laughed for the entire hour, as did everyone in the audience. Thank you this lovely experience for the children, and us adults.

Mani Ho

Parent, St Brendan's School, Bankstown NSW AUSTRALIA, February 28, 2020

My name is Jeff Laur and I am a vocal music teacher for the Toronto Catholic District School here in Canada. My students and I love all your songs and I hear them even singing them for fun in the playground or during playtime in class. Your song “These Hands” is the definite winner. Thank you for the opportunity to talk to you. Always my pleasure and as I said love your music!!!

Jeff Laur

Vocal Music Teacher St Mary, James Cullen, St John Bosco, St Roch and St Dorothy Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) Toronto, CANADA, December 11, 2019

On behalf of the St Pat’s community, thank you so very much for taking the time to come and spend it with us. It was an amazing day and amazing night and we cannot thank you enough for what you brought to our school community. Everyone had a fabulous time and it certainly will be something that we will remember for a long time to come. Your energy and enthusiasm is truly admirable and thank you for all you did for us here at St Pat’s. You are always welcome back to our little school.

Jess Purvey

APRE, St Patrick's NANANGO QLD AUSTRALIA, November 25, 2019

My name is Benny and I come from Tauranga. When I was 6 years old, you came to Saint Mary’s School. It was one of the best days of my life, to be short. I still remember how well you sang the “Rainbow Song” (which was my favourite) as well as “These Hands”. I would just like to say that you and your music have still stuck with me over all these years and been a bright light through my schooling. I thank you. I wish you all the best in life and encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing, as I know so many kids love your music. God Bless.


Former student, St Mary's TAURANGA NEW ZEALAND, September 1, 2019

Thank you for the wonderful day we shared with you yesterday at Our Lady of Lourdes in Toowoomba. The children had a fantastic day and are still singing everywhere they go today. You had the children from Prep to Year 6 engaged with your stories and songs the entire day. We are so lucky to have people like yourself writing and performing songs that our primary school children can sing to make our liturgies, assemblies and RE lessons so meaningful. Andrew, you are truly inspirational and we thoroughly enjoyed having you lead us in song.

Janice Moore

APRE Our Lady of Lourdes School TOOWOOMBA QLD AUSTRALIA, June 26 2019

It was lovely to see you again today. The school was abuzz with such positivity throughout the day! You have a wonderful gift and we are so blessed to have had you in our school today. We were all blown away by the gift of the guitar.

Suzanne Deefholts

Deputy Principal, Holy Family School DOVETON VIC AUSTRALIA, May 22, 2019

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for yesterday. The students and teachers all had a wonderful time learning from you and performing with you. I found it remarkable how in such a short amount of time you were able to get so much out of the kids. You have a unique way of bringing the best out of them and allowing all students to feel special and to shine. Your professionalism and easy going nature also made the experience very stress free for me too which is very much appreciated. Thank you again for a wonderful experience. Hope to work with you again in the near future.

Peter Vincent

REC, Our Lady Help of Christians School, Rosemeadow NSW AUSTRALIA, May 1, 2019

What a wonderful day you gave our community. We have been inundated with so many ‘joyous’ responses from staff, parents and the children, and as a teacher, you would know that we do not always get feedback that brings a smile. I do not know how you do it, but you chose just the right kids to shine alongside you and some of the girls at the microphones had not had their moments to shine. We all saw their smiles and the sparkle in their eyes, where often we see them in the wrong place at the wrong time. You must see something. Whatever gift of intuition you have, thank you.

Maria Thompson

REC, Santa Maria Del Monte School, Strathfield, NSW AUSTRALIA, March 7, 2019

Thank you so much for our school song writing day today Andrew. It was such a worthwhile and moving experience. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your time, talent and skills with the staff and students at St Patrick’s. Today will be a day I will always remember. It was such a special experience.

Sarah Pickworth

REC, St Patrick's SUTHERLAND NSW AUSTRALIA, February 21, 2019

I wanted to say thanks again for yesterday and last night. Teachers and students are still talking about what a great night it was. In particular, there has been much said about the wonderful way you interacted with the kids and how you patiently encouraged each and every one of them to rise to the occasion. Thanks Andrew, I look forward to working with you again.

Aleisha Connellan

APRE, St Matthew’s School CORNUBIA QLD AUSTRALIA, November 29, 2018

I just wanted to say a big thank you from me and the Guardian Angels community. The concert on Wednesday night was a huge success, despite the weather, and we have had lots of positive feedback about the event and also about your friendly, fun demeanour. Thanks also for the work you did with our students during the day. A quote from one of our Yr 2 teachers for your pleasure…’He has just lifted the self-esteem of all these children in just an hour – he’s amazing and so much fun!’ So we really appreciate the person you are and that you came to GA and gave the gift of you to our community.

Shandel Flynn

APRE, Guardian Angels School, ASHMORE QLD AUSTRALIA, November 28, 2018

I would like to convey my personal and school community thanks to the wonderful day spent with Andrew Chinn. Students and teachers really valued the opportunity to share our spirituality through Andrew’s very entertaining and engaging presentation and manner. We are most fortunate to have people like Andrew to support our young and older people along their spiritual pathway. I would also like to thank the CSO Lismore for creating the opportunity for our community. Sincere thanks, Geoff Leary.

Geoff Leary

Principal, St Peter's School, Port Macquarie, NSW AUSTRALIA, October 18th, 2018

Once again thanks so much for the wonderful day yesterday. It was great to witness such a wonderful celebration of faith and fun enjoyed by students staff and parents alike. It has been my pleasure to have had the privilege to be able to welcome you to St Joey’s and be part of your wonderful journey over the years – you never fail to deliver a very rewarding day. I will miss those days! All the best for the future – keep on doing what you do so well! God’s blessings always

Anne Marshall

APRE, St Joseph's, North Mackay, QLD, AUSTRALIA, August 29, 2018

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you! You performed at my daughter’s school today and Hannah is possibly one of your biggest fans! She came home and said it was THE BEST DAY OF HER LIFE! She was very lucky to win your book and CD which she was hoping to get for her birthday! Just wanted to say a huge thank you for an awesome concert and Hannah’s lovely book. Many thanks.


Parent, Our Lady Help of Christians, Earlville QLD, June 21, 2018

From the depths of our hearts, our staff and students say a collective and huge thank you for coming to St Anthony’s Catholic Primary here in Millicent today. The positive comments and buzz around the school was still going and to hear the staff singing, ‘Walking out the Door,’ after staff meeting was both amusing and affirming. So many happy student faces left for home after a very happy and enjoyable day. The way in which you engaged the entire school and staff – who are very pleased they did not have to name Noah’s wife, Naahmah – was fabulous. We have enjoyed so much being a part of your musical journey and we use so many of your songs in both the school and parish.

Ali Noonan

Assistant Principal- Religious Identity and Mission, St Anthony's School, Millicent SA AUSTRALIA, May 2, 2018

I just wanted to email you to say thanks for making my daughter’s day yesterday during your visit to St. Joseph’s. Sophie came home so excited with a big long story about the whole day – from meeting you on lunch orders, to you singing her name. Sometimes when we work with children we don’t realise the joy we bring to them so I just wanted to let you know how happy you made her (and I bet many others) yesterday. Even her big brothers were pretty chuffed with what happened. Usually they would say ‘she’s so embarrassing’ (haha).

Rachel Brown

Parent, St Joseph's School, Warrnambool VIC AUSTRALIA, April 17 2018

Thanks you so much for the workshops and concert at St. Paul’s. It was an amazing day and night. Andrew, you really did get everyone involved- singing along, joining in actions and laughing at your ‘Dad jokes’. The atmosphere was energetic. It was wonderful to see the enthusiastic way in which all the students participated, especially the past students getting as involved as our ‘cool’ seniors. Staff, students & parents were raving about it the next day. Many Thanks.

Denham Harvie

Deputy Principal, St Paul's School, Monbulk, VIC AUSTRALIA, March 4, 2018

I’d like to thank you kindly for the outstanding contribution you have once again made to our beginning of school year celebrations. Mass was reverent with you and the children leading the singing and the workshops are a highlight for the children and teachers. The concert concluded a fabulous day had by all – You’re a gem and we love having you amongst our school community.

Steph Berginc

Religious Education Leader, Holy Family School, Bell Park VIC AUSTRALIA, February 9, 2018

Andrew – you came to my 2 oldest daughters’ school at OLOR Waitara last year. The concert was incredible. You truly have a gift. I bought one of your CDs after the concert and it was the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Apart from the fact that its still in the car (despite the Christmas themes), our whole family sing along every day; I have a 2 year old daughter who has hated the car since she was born but since December last year- she jumps into her car seat and yells “Chinn… Chinn” then happily sings along and does all the actions she learned from her big sisters. You have transformed our car rides and your music is enjoyable and meaningful. I hope we will see you again in the coming years. Kindest Regards.

Marie Stephens

Parent, Our Lady of the Rosary School, Waitara, NSW AUSTRALIA , February 4 2018

Thank you for coming and for making it such an interactive, lively and meaningful performance. You have shown our kids how joyful singing can be a prayer to God.
I give thanks for your talent and your willingness to share it so vibrantly with others. May you continue to spread God’s Word through your songs for many years to come.

Donna Mason

APRE, St John's Primary Gladstone QLD AUSTRALIA , November 7, 2017

I feel privileged to have been at your concert today at St Martin’s. Although I have seen you many times over the years both as a parent and teacher it was heart warming to see the fun you had with the children and their connection they had with you. Your have a true gift to be able to touch the imaginations of all the kids. On a personal level today was the best day for my daughter Olivia. She loved the workshops with you and she shone during the concert. Thank you for giving children everywhere the chance to shine, have fun and connect with their faith. Looking forward to seeing you at St Gabriel’s again soon.

Mel Niejalke

Parent and teacher, St Martin's, GREENACRES, SA , October 19, 2017

Greetings Andrew from St Mary’s Rotorua. Today is my last day here and as the kids and I gathered for prayers for the last time, I thought of you. Your music has been such an inspiration to me, both as a Catholic and as a teacher and I just wanted you to know that what you do is really amazing and so appreciated. I will take my Andrew Chinn music with me as I go and I’ll always remember your visits to our school and your amazing gift. Thanks once again and take care. Ma te atua koe e manaaki (God Bless you)

Annie Russell

Departing teacher, St Mary's School, Rotorua, NEW ZEALAND, September 1, 2017

Hi Andrew, I’ve heard only rave positive comments from your time here on Tuesday from the students, teachers, staff and parents/grandparents. To lead the singing for the prayer and then to see 800 students stand and do actions for the ‘In the footsteps of Jesus’ was awe inspiring and uplifting. The little concert at the end where you involved the Year levels was typical of the day – including all, singing with joy and having great fun in a religious context. One parent said that was the best performance she has ever seen! We were truly blessed by your presence at our school. Kind regards, Sean

Sean White

APRE, Ryan Catholic College, KIRWAN QLD AUSTRALIA, August 8, 2017

Thank you again for leading the workshops and concert last Thursday. The students and staff had a fabulous time and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I have had lots of lovely feedback from students, staff and parents. Here is one snippet which I’d like to share – ‘Sorry I didn’t catch up with you today to let you know in person that the concert with Andrew was great. The kids loved it and it was nothing like I expected. It was much better. They got so much out of being involved in the music. I only wished more parents could have seen the children so focused and motivated. He made so many kids feel special and gave them their ‘time to shine’.’We would love to have you back again sometime so please let me know whenever you’re coming our way.

Tara Martin

APRE, Our Lady of Lourdes School, SUNNYBANK QLD AUSTRALIA, July 27, 2017

I just wanted to thank you so much for your time today with the children, and with the staff on Monday. Sarah and I have had so much positive feedback from staff and students. We all thoroughly enjoyed your time with us, it was just fantastic!! My own girls have come home singing all afternoon and have enjoyed comparing notes about what happened during their individual class workshops. Again, thank you so much for your time and for the most inspiring and uplifting PD we have had for a long time!!!

Emma Taylor

Co-REC, St Mary's School, YOUNG NSW AUSTRALIA, July 19, 2017

Today’s workshops and concert at Resurrection school were simply fabulous!! Not enough words to express our gratitude for such an enriching and blessed day. The kids and staff are over the moon!!

Natalie Kenny

Deputy Principal, Resurrection School, KEYSBOROUGH VIC AUSTRALIA, June 28 2017

Thank you for the wonderful workshop and concert today at St Francis Xavier, Woopi. It was joyful, fun and I found myself singing instructions for the remainder of the day and left school on a high. You really have an amazing stage presence and your interactions with the children allowed them to feel safe and have a go. Thank you, safe travels. Bronwyn

Bronwyn Nuske

Teacher, St Francis Xavier, Woolgoolga, NSW, AUSTRALIA, March 27, 2017

Hello Andrew, I have downloaded your new album today (thank you, I love what I have heard so far!)
I now aim to make each of your songs into PowerPoints so I can teach our children during our Hymns sessions each week. In order to do this I need the lyrics, so I looked on your website & there they are! You have made a huge job so much easier for me, and I know the kids will love your new songs. Can’t wait for your September visit. Have a fantastic Friday, you have made my week!

Michelle Paterson

APRE St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School Rockhampton QLD AUSTRALIA, March 10, 2017

Thank you for your music. I love using it with the children. I am a musician myself and it gives great joy to play and sing your music. I look forward to using your new collection of hymns.☺

Frances Barone

Teacher/Religious Education Leader and Musician, Resurrection School, Kings Park, VIC AUSTRALIA, February 3, 2017

Last night I attended my grand daughter’s school Christmas concert at St Andrew’s Marayong. I was absolutely blown away by the concert – the songs, the children’s enthusiasm. Thank you to Andrew Chinn for a wonderful, special night! I bought the Under Your Star CD and am playing it in the car for the kids.

Janice Wilson

Grandparent, St Andrew's School, MARAYONG NSW AUSTRALIA, December 10 2016

I want you to know that I have so appreciated using your music in many of my liturgies and work with students and the whole community. Your music touches the heart of all of us and helps to bring life to the celebration. For me, music has been the so instrumental in bringing our students to love the joy of a beautiful God and you do that! Keep doing what you are doing and continue bringing hope and love to all who hear your words.

Janet Zaccour

Retiring APRE, St Joseph's School, CAIRNS QLD AUSTRALIA, November 19 2016

I write this quick email to thank you for providing my children with the opportunity to participate in the Andrew Chinn concert today. What an amazing experience that celebrated our God with pure joy and enthusiasm radiating from every single Holy Cross child! Fraser and Makenzie were still singing Andrew Chinn songs at bedtime tonight and were on an absolute high after the concert! Experiences like today are the reason that I choose to send my children to a Catholic school and I thank all involved in the organisation of the concert. How blessed my children are to attend Holy Cross Catholic School!

Kylie Ball

Parent, Holy Cross School KINCUMBER NSW AUSTRALIA, October 25, 2016

Thank you so much for giving Joshua Le such a wonderful opportunity and experience to sing with you on Saturday. We absolutely LOVE your music in my house. My 7 year old and 4 year old play the Together As One CD on repeat to fall asleep each night! And my 2 year old knows lots of words too. The younger girls are often dressed up in ballet outfits twirling around to one of your CDs, and in the car all six kids join in and throw in harmonies etc. Thank you for giving us great Christian music to form the background of their lives. We will keep your ministry in our prayers. God bless!

Jody Le

Parent, NOWRA NSW AUSTRALIA , October 24th 2016

Hi Andrew,I just wanted to send my thanks again for your amazing work in our school and community last week! Our teachers and families were very grateful for hosting your visit and look forward to having you come back! On an APRIM level…Our Church is desperate for ‘living-giving moments’ where people can truly feel the Spirit ‘burning within.’ Your gift of music and humour; and your talent for connecting with our youth and inspiring them to something more – ignites the Spirit here in our midst! But it isn’t just the kids who are inspired, but our teachers and parents. They were witness to the powerful happiness which springs from celebrating faith within community. “Our hearts burn within us, as we walk along this road. Hand in hand and heart to heart- together we will grow. God’s Spirit’s alive within us, as we journey on life’s way, to be children of the light, to be people of faith!” Thanks, Andrew!!

Paul Mensforth

APRIM, Emmaus Catholic School WOODCROFT SA AUSTRALIA, October 4 2016

Hi Andrew, I have to share a story with you about your “Shine” song. Recently St Paul’s were involved in a robotics competition held at Charles Darwin University (CDU). This involves collaborative work from the students programming robots, journal writing about their 4 week experience, creating art back drops as well as dancing in sync with the bots in a designated area. Out of the 12 groups St Paul’s entered, young Charlie Hill’s team chose your track “Shine” to choreograph their robot and dance to. There were a number of schools from the region present at CDU on the day. When “Shine ” came on, all the St Mary’s and Holy Spirit students came running over to watch the performance and began singing along. You can’t see them in the picture as they are behind the camera. Charlie, who I’m sure you remember, truly “shined” on the day. I just wanted to share with you the absolute appreciation we have for your music and moves.

Michelle Dermody

APRE, St Paul's School NIGHTCLIFF NT AUSTRALIA, September 2016

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the wonderful day we had with you yesterday! Although I was not here for all of it but what I did experience, was sensational! We have had so many positive comments from staff, students and families since yesterday. Thank you for your contributions to our Feast Day Mass. I always love our Eucharistic celebrations, but having you here to sing your songs with us added a whole new dimension for which I am very grateful. I know the children got a lot out of your class workshops, as did our staff. Today in class teachers have already been singing the songs with the students which is wonderful to see. The community concert was such a fantastic way to end the day and I’m so thrilled I could make it back in time to be here for it. Apart from everything else, the one thing I want to thank you for, is for helping our kids to ‘shine’! I have never seen so many of our students standing at the front of our school community, so engaged, feeling so proud and so ‘pumped’, showing such confidence and a real sense of belonging. How you managed to bring that together in one day, I’ll never know. How you managed to learn so many names in one day, I’ll also never know!  You have a real gift Andrew, and thank you for sharing it with us. You helped to make many memories yesterday. All the best to you in your ministry.

Belinda Burford

Deputy Principal, St Pius X School, WINDSOR GARDENS, SA AUSTRALIA, August 4, 2016

Hello from Missouri! I just had to tell you that I shared your music with my peers in the Diocese of Kansas City/St. Joseph Early Childhood education training that we had last fall. I also shared your website and information, so that they could also purchase your music for their classrooms. I have since met with several of those teachers in a variety of situations, and they are THRILLED with your music as well! You are famous in the early childhood classrooms in our diocese! Hope all is well with you and your family and Butterfly Music!

Lesa Carroll

Director, Sacred Heart Preschool, WARRENSVILLE, MISSOURI, USA, August 3, 2016

Yesterday we had Andrew Chinn at St James. While I have used his music before this was my first meeting with him. The manner in which he worked with the choir was great. His ability to interact positively but get the result he needed for the concert was excellent. We had heard all the songs but learnt only 6 of them before the day and his ability to manage the level of knowledge but still get the result he wanted was fantastic. The concert itself was the most positive experience we have had in building the confidence, interest and dare I say it evangelising these children in this Catholic school. There are many children at St James who embrace all we do anyway but for me yesterday offered them a wonderful opportunity to celebrate. For those children who do not embrace the expression of our faith as enthusiastically yesterday was a challenge at the beginning but at the end of the hour they were all involved and most enthusiastic. Yesterday will be a marker in my mind as one of the transformative moments on which we can and will build. I believe we as a whole school (staff gave up release to stay at the concert) we will look back in 3 years time and still hold the echoes of this event on our calendar in all we do.

Ann Dawson

Principal, St James Primary School, YAMBA NSW AUSTRALIA, July 21 2016

Thank you for the wonderful concert and your work with the students today. We have three children at the school (a foundation student, a grade one and a grade 3). The children came home singing and were excited to show us what they had been doing during the day. I was in the audience and thought it wonderful. We have just downloaded off iTunes 5 of your songs tonight . The cherubs are busy singing them tonight. James our youngest said to tell you that all your songs were good and he loved being a fish. Thank you ? . It was a great day!

Jo and Andrew Hemley

Parents, St Patrick's School, STAWELL VIC Australia, July 14 2016

I am preparing the End of Year Mass and listening to your music and just wanted to let you know that this will be my last time as I am retiring at the end of the year. I will certainly miss playing your music when preparing for Masses and Liturgies but wanted to let you know the joy you have brought to me in doing so. I love your music, the kids love your music and my hope is that the person who follows me will do the same. I hope we cross paths again somewhere in the future, but if not, thanks for all you have given me.

Kathie Costain

REC, OLPS School West Pymble, NSW, AUSTRALIA, May 15 2016

Congratulations on reaching the milestone of having visited a thousand different schools. It has been great to watch Butterfly Music grow from a small venture, when you visited us for the first time, to the wonderful success that it is today. Your music has made a huge difference to celebrating liturgies with children in Catholic schools. Thanks for all your hard work, for sharing your musical talents with us and for inspiring us with your obvious passion for your faith. Thanks also to Bernadette and your support team.Roll on the next thousand I say!

Mary Ryan

Director of Religious Studies, Cardinal McKeefry School, Wilton WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

You’ve followed your passion and brought joy to so many. Bring on the next 1000

Adele English

Colleague and friend, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Congratulations mate – what an amazing achievement – and an incredible journey throughout the years. Here’s to many more schools and many more journeys!

Drew Lane

Butterfly Music stable mate, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Oh wow. Big congrats. You have touched and enriched so many lifes; not just the children but the families too. Well done. You should feel very proud.

Barbara Synnott

Beloved family friend, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Seems only yesterday that you started your journey, around the time of the changeover from tapes to CD’s. You have touched many lives young lives by proclaiming the love of Jesus through music & song. I am blessed to have you as a friend. Congrats on the 1000 schools.

Paul Hunt

Parent from St Peter Chanel Regents Park and friend of Andrew Chinn and Rob Oakshott!, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Wow! All those people have been blessed with your talent and grace! Congratulations!

Jan Pedroza

Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

So wrapped we are one of the 1000!! Thanks for sharing your fantastic music and spirit with us! Big thanks also to all the Chinn clan for helping it all happen. Legend status!!!

Mary O'Donnell

APRE at Sacred Heart, Yeppoon, and travel companion to LA and LV on the great Chinn/O'Donnell tour of 2015!, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

We feel blessed that our paths have crossed in the way they have. You have achieved so much and inspired so many. Congratulations on your 1000th school and all the best for the next 1000 (or 100)!

Toni Gahan

Friend and teacher, Bundaberg, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

What joy and love you have brought to all those schools Andrew and the parents and all who have come in contact with you. Certainly the ripple effect! Well done & thanks for the music! Xxxx

Del Murphy

Parent of Kate and former staff member, St Therese's School in Monto, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Congrats!!! I thank God for the gift you are to all of us. My 1st communion students loved singing your songs. You make my classes special. Prayers always my friend!!

Sr Zina Onoro

St Jeanne de Lestonac School, Temecula, California, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

From Katherine to Gladstone, Hervey Bay and now Pottsville, still a hero of mine. Thanks mate, for all you are to our schools and congratulations again.

Nic Constable

Assistant Principal, St Ambrose School, Pottsville, NSW- long time supporter!, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Congratulations Andrew on this fantastic achievement! So many children, teachers, parents, parishes blessed by your passion, energy and of course – your music! I still rate seeing you in action at a workshop/concert as the highlight of my teaching career!

Genevieve Collins

Religious Education Leader, St Patrick's Wangaratta and house sitter/dog minder extraordinaire!, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

A MAMMOTH achievement Andrew! Thank you for bringing such immense joy to children, staff and parents across the world. We love you and your beautiful music!!

Claire Wilson

Mother of Sian and Dane, St Charles Borromeo, Templestowe, VICTORIA, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

A MAMMOTH achievement Andrew! Thank you for bringing such immense joy to children, staff and parents across the world. We love you and your beautiful music!!

Claire Wilson

Mother of Sian and Dane, St Charles Borromeo, Templestowe, VICTORIA, On the occasion of Andrew's visit to his 1000th school- March 10th 2016

Andrew on behalf of Holy Family’s students, staff and parents, I’d like to sincerely thank you for your visit to our school. Words fail to describe the joy you brought to our school community with your warm, giving nature; your enthusiasm for music and song, and your love and engagement with our children! To see the smiles on children’s faces and even the staff’s, truly brought fun, laughter and loads of engagement to a fun-filled day! Your presence at our Opening School year celebration was extraordinary. Father Gerard along with all the school community, commented that your interaction truly enhanced the experience of faith and celebration. Thankyou!

On a final note… you’d be proud to know, that as you walk down our corridors you can hear CHINN music coming from the classrooms…children are singing and chanting with smiles on their faces… Your visit has gifted them with a visual/icon/memory they can relate to, and gives them meaning to what they are singing. It’s just FANTASTIC!

Stephanie Berginc

Holy Family School, Bell Park, VIC, AUSTRALIA, February 11, 2016

Please accept my thanks for a truly beautiful community celebration of Christmas last Friday evening at St Agatha’s. I have received many emails from parents with glowing feedback about the atmosphere and engagement of our students. Grandparents came up to assembly this morning to thank me for an enjoyable school event. Your songs are being sung all over the school. You and Betty make a wonderful team. May you have a refreshing and blessed Christmas.

Carol Sayers

Principal, St Agatha's School, Clayfield, QLD, AUSTRALIA, November 20, 2015

At the beginning of 2010 you came to Our Lady of Fatima in Christchurch and chose an awkward looking year 8 boy that was quite big for his age to sing a solo in ‘underneath God’s beautiful rainbow.’ I was that boy and I wanted to take the to thank you. You were the first person to pick me out, and recognize potential in me as a singer. That gig you played gave me a lot of confidence and fired a passion that I’ve kept to this day. Since then I’ve sung in musicals, gigs, and bass in a barbershop quartet where we won South Islands, and placed 5th at nationals. I don’t think I would have had the confidence or self belief to perform and push myself if you hadn’t pulled me up on that day so I wanted to thank you. I have 3 weeks of my last year of school left and I’m planning on going to University next year to study primary teaching. I hope a similar impact on someone that you had on me. Thanks

Chris Starr

Former student of Our Lady of Fatima, Christchurch, NZ, October 12, 2015

Thank you most sincerely for your generosity of spirit today in leading us in celebrating our Feast Day and Helen’s 50 years of service to Catholic Education within this community. I find you such a gentle, faith-filled and authentic ‘Master of Music’. You facilitated a respectful day of prayer and thankfulness in a spirit of fun and ease. Kind thanks, Colleen

Colleen Fuller

REC, Our Lady of the Rosary School, St Marys, NSW, AUSTRALIA, October 7, 2015

Thanks so much for a really great day yesterday! Without exception we thoroughly enjoyed the day and feel so much the better for having spent the day singing! The teachers new to the school were totally impressed – my raving beforehand obviously didn’t compute. They had to see for themselves. Your skill with remembering names has us all wondering how you do it. I would say you are beautifully gifted and use your gifts for great things.

Judy Hogan

REL, St Francis Xavier School, Frankston, VIC, AUSTRALIA, August 12, 2015

You would be so delighted to hear the children of St Thomas More singing, celebrating and enjoying your music.  Since your concert we have learnt a number of new songs and have used these in our liturgies, Masses and assemblies.  Thank you for helping us value the place of music in our celebrations a little more. Staff are still talking of your visit – thank you again for the time you spent at Sunshine Beach!

Ann-Maree Pitot

APRE, St Thomas More, Sunshine Beach, QLD, AUSTRALIA, July 29, 2015

I just wanted to email you in regards to your visit in term 2. Your rapport with the children is inspirational and your energy contagious. To say the staff and children were overwhelmed by your talents and the events of the day is an understatement. Each year level expressed their utter delight in your workshops. All children were fully engaged and eager to participate. The concert was a huge success and many commented on you ability to choose the children that needed that little bit of extra attention.I also wanted to thank you for being so organised and your understanding of the running of a ‘school day’! I am so glad you came to visit our school and would be delighted to have you back again.Thank you once again!

Melanie Gleeson

Religious Education Leader, St Paul's Primary School, Coburg, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, July 28, 2015

As always, we love your work.  I’ve never encountered an artist who creates music that gives kids access to the scriptures and the theology associated with the sacred text so effectively.  Continue to be excellent until further notice!

David Burgess

Parent, St Aloysius College, Adelaide, SA, AUSTRALIA, July 21, 2015

Thank you so much for today – I absolutely loved it – the smiles on the kids faces said it all to me. Before today we had 2 year 5/6 kids coming tonight. After this afternoon, I think we had maybe about 10—12. I loved that they were there, and that all the kids were there singing, having fun, building confidence and self esteem – all in and through the love of God. We will continue to sing and celebrate God through your beautiful music and hope to see you again in the not so distant future. With my warmest wishes for you and your family.

Meegan Blackney

REL, St Augustine's School, Frankston South, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, June 24, 2015

We had Andrew Chinn come to our school last year and it was honestly ones of the best concerts I have EVER seen and that includes my fave Pink!! He works with the children in class groups throughout the day and then they perform in a concert in the afternoon or evening. He somehow magically transforms them and they sing and perform outside of themselves. One boy that we have here sang the most beautiful song and he didn’t even know he could do it. I was a mess!! You honestly will be blown away by what he can do!!

Andrea Williams

Secretary, Sacred Heart School, ULVERSTONE, TASMANIA, AUSTRALIA, June 24, 2015

Bernadette and Andrew – thank you so much for the imprint you have left on the lives of the community at Ss Peter and Paul School. We appreciated your time, talent, expertise and gift of being present in our lives igniting our faith community with song and fellowship. We look forward to your return visit in the future. Kind Regards, Nic Shanahan.

Nicole Shanahan

Deputy Principal, Ss Peter and Paul School, Lower Hutt, NEW ZEALAND, June 21, 2015

Not that we are short of important events here at St Ambrose, but here is one event of great significance for our Catholic tradition. Andrew Chinn is an Australian religious singer and songwriter working across Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada. Chinny, as he is affectionately known, has devoted his life’s work to helping schools and parishes bring their evangelical mission to life – inspiring children to learn about our faith through beautiful, prayerful and fun-filled songs. I was fortunate to first meet Andrew while I worked as a teacher in the Northern Territory. At a pretty tough school, with kids who weren’t easily impressed, within 40 minutes, Chinny had all of the Primary and Secondary students singing about God, the wonder of creation and the salvific mission of Jesus Christ. Needless to say he is a very impressive person. If you have an opportunity to be part of an Andrew Chinn concert, I would highly recommend it. 

Nic Constable

Assistant Principal and Leader of Pedagogy, St Ambrose School, POTTSVILLE, NSW AUSTRALIA, May 1, 2015

A big massive thank you for forwarding the sheet music. You’d swore I’d won the lottery when I received your e mail today. I even told the communion parents tonight at the pre sacramental meeting about my find in a beautiful post communion reflection all the way from yourself in Australia hence the late reply. They were so impressed. After receiving your e mail I then went onto the school iTunes account and downloaded the tunes to the ipad. I played away on keyboard and the other teacher on guitar while listening to the tune. I also let the communion class hear ‘These hands’ and they were able to sing along and love it so much, I love sound of the wee uns voices. I will have three soloists singing and the other children coming in on the choruses. I only wish you were closer to us as would be great to avail of the workshops here in Ireland and appreciate the great work you do in spiritual music. I only got a short while to explore your website but there is a world of music to listen too on it and I have no doubt I could be using your music for the years to follow for Communion day and special religious events. A big thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Many thanks

Aideen McCloy

Teacher, somewhere in NORTHERN IRELAND!, March 4, 2015

I wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable Christmas concert last night at St Angela’s Castle Hill. I am a teacher and parent of St Angela’s and loved every minute…rain and all. It was so wonderful to watch the smiles on the kids faces and feel the excitement in the air. My girls have already sung and danced to every song from our new cd. Thankyou for all your hard work (and your wonderful flood tolerant team) and for making learning so fun! PS Philipe Fluffy Duck a real favourite!

Natalie Moller

Teacher and parent, St Angela's, Castle Hill, NSW, December 10, 2014

I couldn’t let the night pass without putting some words in an email. My family tries very hard to keep life simple and focus on all “that really matters”. Our faith is first in our lives and watching my children up on stage and completely enveloped with such colourful and thoughtful sound, was priceless to me. You are truly gifted and so giving to share your talents. I understand this is your work and business but business / work doesn’t produce what you produce. Talent, commitment to your faith and generosity of spirit does what you do. Congratulations Andrew, you are one very special person travelling around and celebrating each person’s life and faith. God bless

Rita Finlay

Parent, Good Samaritan School, Fairy Meadow, NSW, Australia, December 4, 2014

THAT was a concert! Full of fun, laughter, singing and dancing. What an amazing man. In one short day (well, long day) he has gone from zero to concert. A concert that looked like it had been rehearsed for weeks. I am in awe at how quickly he earnt the respect of SO many children that they would all behave so beautifully. Three cheers for Andrew Chinn. The only thing I am sad about is the few privileged Preps that don’t get him as a teacher anymore. How amazing would that classroom be. However, there are many more smiles in the world for having spent a day with him. Keep him on the OLOL calendar as often as possible.

Leonie Allport (livin’ with Alice, not next door)

Parent, Our Lady of Lourdes School, Toowoomba, QLD, AUSTRALIA, October 30, 2014